As one of the world's leading manufacturers of dialysis machines, our mission is to constantly improve the user friendliness, safety and efficiency of this complex technology. We always focus on patient safety and responsibility in the field of hemodialysis.

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DBB-EXA has been developed to deliver both standard HD treatment and advanced therapies with high quality and safety standards.
With D-FAS system DBB-EXA can simplify and automate user operations.


DBB-07 expands your range of highly efficient methods of treatment without significant increase in cost.
天天斗牛DBB-07 will meet variety of needs for patients such as On-line treatment or advanced monitoring features without any special consumables.


DBB-06 is the choice to meet high quality and reliability demands while providing cost-saving dialysis treatments. Several options are available to meet special needs of HD treatments.


DBB-27 is one of most reliable and cost-saving machines to meet request of standard HD treatment with simple features。

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