Nikkiso's blood tubing line is developed by us the same as the dialysis machine and "safety and new value" could be provided to our customers by using Nikkiso's blood tubing lines and machines together。

Basic Specifications

  • Sterilization : Steam sterilization (Autoclaving)
  • Manufacturing location : Nikkiso Vietnam MFG Co., Ltd. (Vietnam), M.E.Nikkiso Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
  • For single use

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AV18 series

  • Exclusive blood tubing line for D-FAS function of DBB-EXA
  • Blood tubing line for HD, Blood tubing line for single needle treatment, and HDF/HF package which includes
    substitution line for On-line HDF/HF with pre/post-dilution and blood tubing line are also available.

One of AV18 series

C18 series

  • Accessary to be used together with DBB-EXA and AV18 series.
  • This series has a variety of lines such as substitution lines for On-line HDF/HF with pre/post-dilution, substitution line for On-line priming, connection line to saline bag, and recirculation connector.

One of C18 series

AV06 series

  • Blood tubing lines for Nikkiso's dialysis machines DBB-03, DBB-05, DBB-06, and DBB-07.
  • We have lineup of this series for HD treatment, On-line HDF/HF treatment with pre/post-dilution, and single needle double pump treatment.

One of AV06 series

C07 series

  • Substitution line for On-line HDF/HF with pre/post-dilution which is exclusive for Nikkiso's dialysis machine DBB-07.

One of C07 series


  • Filter for dialysis purification which is exclusively used for Nikkiso's dialysis machine DBB-03 and DBB-05.
  • Polyester-polymer alloy(PEPA®)is used for membrane of EFL-015 and the surface area is 0.15m2. This filter is used on the flow line of dialysis fluid as second filter for On-line HDF/HF with pre/post dilution.

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